My first novel, currently looking for an agent and publisher, is From the Mist, Book 1 of the Moore Chronicles. A story that entwines the lives of three people in a search of an ancient stone necklace that can control time.

Here’s a small excerpt:

     They stood at the end of the dock and the path leading back to the inn. AJ struggled with how to get the discussion back to her story, surprised when the captain helped her out.

     “Mr. Jackson should be here later this afternoon.”

     “I guess my timing’s off. I could use an interview with him.” The captain stared at her again and she couldn’t stop the blush from reddening her cheeks, forcing her to look away.

     “He was to meet with me to look over the repairs for the inn.”

     “Repairs. Is there going to be construction on the place?”

     “Nothing that dramatic. Enough to make it livable again.”

     “Are you moving in? Do you own it?” The questions piled up in AJ’s head and rushed from of her mouth.

     The captain’s laugh was loud and spontaneous, and for a moment, the mystery of the man seemed to fall away.

     The hundreds of questions begging to be released vanished when AJ heard his deep, joyful laugh. It made her laugh in return. “I know.” She turned back to look at the ship. “I can’t seem to help myself. It’s almost as if I’ve dropped into a different time and I just don’t know where to begin.”

     The captain’s smile faded and he turned away. After a long pause, he glanced toward AJ. “Maybe I could give you a small tour of the ship.”

     AJ whirled back. “That would be fantastic.” Her own smile faded. She didn’t know this man and now, out in the middle of nowhere, she had second thoughts about boarding.

Other stories currently in development:

Daphne Marie, Book 2 of the Moore Chronicles

Finding Rain, a mystery thriller about the search for a lost woman

The Rose, a short story to be included in the anthology, The Book of Secrets

The Circle, Book 3 of the Moore Chronicles