A Stone in Time - Mórdha Stone Chronicles - Book 1

AJ Moore strives for meaning in her life following the unexpected death of her beloved father. Her reporting career stalled, her love-life non-existent, and a family frilled with more conflict than love, she relies on her dear friend Stella to make it through cheerless days in small-town Bayside.

While rock-climbing the seaside cliffs, AJ discovers a mysterious two-hundred year old sailing ship appearing through the fog. The mystery deepens when she can’t learn any more about the ship than its single passenger, Captain Finn Murphy. So begins a fiery relationship that simultaneously warms her heart and angers her blood. And she hasn’t even met the second mysterious stranger to enter Bayside, Ethan Hughes.

While AJ attempts to get to the bottom of the ship’s strange existence, Finn and Ethan seek an ancient stone necklace, lost in time. No one is less prepared than AJ to realize that she alone holds the key that unlocks everything.


Keeper of Stones - Mórdha Stone Chronicles - Book 2

AJ Moore’s life has changed – drastically. And her lover, Captain Finn Murphy, refuses to explain how that happened. His only concern is to hand over an ancient necklace, and the stone within it, to his worst enemy, Beckworth. The fact the stone can return AJ to the only life she knows seems of no importance to him.

After Finn abandons AJ at Beckworth’s home, she soon discovers she’s not alone. Maire is a long suffering “guest” of Beckworth and becomes AJ’s only comfort. With only one direction to follow, AJ and Maire join together to follow the stone and learn its secrets.

But nothing can relieve AJ’s sense of betrayal from the one person she still craves to have by her side – Finn Murphy. Her refusal to consider anything but her way home endangers those closest to her. And AJ may never discover the fastest way home is with the one that chases her.


Torc of Stone - Mórdha Stone Chronicles - Book 3

AJ Moore’s life comes down to one thing – discover the secret of the ancient stones to find her way home. Unfortunately, her journey is far from over. The stones now reside in the hands of Finn Murphy’s most cunning enemy, the Duke of Dunsmore.

Against a formidable foe, AJ and her new team of friends, pursue a risky plan to steal the stones and the book that knows their secret. If successful, the mission prevents a madman from coming into unimaginable power, and fulfills AJ’s one wish.

Back in AJ’s hometown, her brother, Adam, and her best friend, Stella, join together in their investigation of her disappearance. Journals, lore and earrings made of stone lead the pair on a familiar trail – their only hope to find AJ.

With the knowledge she sought within her grasp, AJ must decide between the promise of the stones, or the force of Finn’s love.