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Follow journeys led by strong-willed heroines who learn to follow their heart with tenacious and passionate heroes who are determined and sensual.

Whether it’s time travel or erotic exploration at Masquerade Club, there’s a different journey of romance for everyone.

Mórdha Stone Chronicles follows the story of AJ Moore, a reporter in love with history. A woman who gets a closer look of the past than she ever imagined, pulled by fate and a love she could never have predicted.

Or step into the Masquerade Club, a place where no one knows your name…or your face. But be careful, nothing is ever what it seems, and one never knows who hides behind the mask.

Time travel or erotic romance, I hope you find a story that carries you through a journey of hope and love --- a true hero’s journey to discover one’s true destiny.

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The Lion & The Gazelle – Masquerade Club 1

Masquerade Club, where no one knows your name. Almost no one.

Available at Extasy Books

Valentine Day Anthology – Hot and Steamy!

Release Date – January 15, 2019

Available at all the major e-book retailers.

All proceeds are split between ProLiteracy and American Heart Association.

I hope you enjoy it!

A Stone in Time - Mórdha Stone Chronicles - Book 1

Keeper of Stones - Mórdha Stone Chronicles - Book 2

Torc of Stone - Mórdha Stone Chronicles - Book 3