Masquerade Club

Masquerade Club is an erotic romance novella series. Readers beware of the sizzling heat buried within these pages. 

And if you're ready for the adventure, grab a mask, and step through the door. Welcome to the Masquerade Club. 

The Lion and The Gazelle

Emmie Savoy’s realization of her career goal—landing a partnership at a prestigious Portland marketing firm— drops on her desk hours before her first meeting with the high-profile client Thornton Longbridge.

But her rocketing career napalms her personal life. Her take no shit attitude intimidates most men, and casual affairs fall well short of satisfying her. If she didn’t have her best friend Josie, she’d be the loneliest person in the world.

Soon Longbridge’s unrealistic demands test her celebrated marketing skills, and their explosive disagreements threaten to burn her career aspirations to ashes.

Josie soars in for the rescue, dragging Emmie to an exclusive club where no one knows your name—or your face. The Masquerade Club not only brings the most exotic dreams to fruition but ignites desires Emma feared to explore.

When Andreas stalks her at the club, tempting pleasures she desperately craves, Emma doesn’t resist. She succumbs to sensations she never thought possible, becoming prey to her darkest emotions.

Andreas draws out her deepest passions, but it’s the eyes of Thornton Longbridge that haunt her dreams.