Fantasy Books and Time Travel Romance

Click on a picture to be sent to the series main page. While my main focus is on Fantasy Books and Time Travel Romance, I dabbled a bit with contemporary erotic romance. But I think of Masquerade Club as an adventure – so I’m close to my writing world. 

I’m kind of messing around with this page, so enjoy a couple of ads I’ve created. This page will eventually include a gallery of my favorite pictures that represent my characters, locations, or overall themes.

Currently, my current series represented but I imagine some pictures of my newest series will be added in advance of Book 1. I hope you enjoy! 

Additional pictures for each series can be found on my Pinterest page.  I’ve added photos of how I imagine my main characters, fantastical pictures of tall sips, amazing masks, and future worlds (my upcoming new series).

And you’ll find other boards of my various interests and dreams. Enjoy!

I’m still digging for stellar images of AJ. If you find one that you think fits her, I’d love for you to send my way. Just email me and attach a photo. There would be an autographed print copy of A Stone in Time in the mail to you