Of Blood and Dreams

Seduction in Blood - Book One

Cover Art

Cressa Langtry is the best cat burglar on the west coast. But she owes a large debt to the wrong kind of people. Her only way clear is to steal something for the city’s notorious and ancient vampire – Devon Trelane.

Devon can’t forgive the one man who cost him a seat on the Council. Luckily, a thief has fallen into his lap. A woman with the skills he requires to take down his greatest enemy.

There’s only one hitch—a simple business arrangement becomes complicated when their dreams collide.

Visions in Blood - Book Two

Debts still owed. Secrets still buried. 

Cressa Langtry, still owes a debt to the notorious and beguiling vamp, Devon Trelane. A quick mission meant to pay off a sizable debt was only a trial run.

Devon, in a show of faith, has sweetened the pot so she can pay off her debt and earn a big bonus. But the road to freedom is fraught with landmines. Her stepfather is still hounding her, Devon has rarely been seen since the vampire ball, and her days have become…boring.

When vamps attack Ginger, her best friend, the game changes. A family heirloom turns Cressa’s dreams into nightmares and an ancient vampire book could provide answers to a centuries-long blood rift, assuming she lives long enough to find it.

Maybe boring wasn’t the right word after all.

Addicted in Blood - Book Three

Coming Soon – Spring 2023